Consulting and Service

Though my projects and restorations are generally just for my own collection, research, and enjoyment, I will do work for others if the conditions are right. Being that I work full-time and am also a working musician, my time is rather limited, mind.

My main area of expertise is in the realm of Hammond organs and Leslie speakers. Whether it’s regular or unexpected maintenance, a complete functional restoration, or building you a high-powered Leslie cabinet, I can do it. Contact me to discuss further.

I can help you find and buy a good vintage keyboard instrument, and even help you get it home if you’re in the LA area. Contact me to discuss further.

I provide consultation on digital keyboard setups, with my specialty being Clavia Nord keyboards. Whether it’s making it integrate into your DAW or live rig, or sound design, or just making it sound as close as possible to the instruments it’s emulating, I can do it. Contact me to discuss further.

I may be able to help you with other audio/electronic/technological questions or woes. Contact me to discuss further.