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Here you’ll find photos of my restorations and builds, musical projects, et cetera. A work in progress.

The “Pawn Shop” C-3

This 1955 Hammond C-3 was found on Craigslist in early 2020 at a pawn shop in Costa Mesa, CA, to replace my A-100 as the “studio” organ. The C-3 had a frozen generator and needed considerable work before it would be playable.

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The Leslie 31H “Tallboy”

This 1948 Leslie 31H Series 1 came from an organ tech in Arcata, CA. Coveted for their huge, warm sound, not to mention their biblical bass, these early one-speed Leslies with their imposing tall cabinets are few on the ground compared to their later, shorter two-speed brethren. They use field-coil woofers and quad-6L6 dual-rectified amplifiers, and the Series 1s use an obsolete switching scheme that doesn’t work with any standard Leslie hookup. This one was untested, but complete. My plan was to restore it and convert it to two-speed operation with standard 122-type switching. I took a long weekend in May 2019 to retrieve it, traveling over hill and dale to put my hands on the mythical creature. I dilly-dallied in getting it fully rebuilt, but it’s since been mated with the Pawn Shop C-3 and Leslie 147 to make a truly house-rattling combination.

The Gonzo Leslie

This is my 750 watt, bi-amped, solid-state road Leslie of my own design, built in 2019.

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